PSIO | PlayStation Input Output

Total progress on PSIO


What is it?

PSIO is a cartridge that plug's into the back of your Sony PlayStation 1 console that will let you play your backed up games from an SD card. It will also allow you to boot and run code you have programmed and compiled from an SD card on the actual PlayStation 1 console itself, making it a must have tool for homebrewers, developers and most importantly, gamers.

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Latest News:

Monday, MARCH 9 2015 08.25PM.

We are very close to the BETA run. We are now preparing for it. Supporters, get ready!

A new video has been uploaded demonstrating Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA) playback from within "Moto Racer".

Monday, JANUARY 26 2014 08.46PM.

Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA) playback simulation is working.
Games that utilise CD-DA (such as Destruction Derby, Devil Dice and Vib Ribbon) now playback with music!

The V2.2 PCB's have arrived and we are now waiting on parts in the mail.

Testers (supporters) will be able to pre-order their 2.2's once we hit 90% in the overall progress.