Genuine Products

PSIO is currently only available for sale by ‘Cybdyn Systems’ on the ‘’ website. In the future, they will also be available from ‘Stone Age Gamer’. Any other sale channels such as private websites, eBay or Amazon, etcetera however are fake.

Do not ever purchase non-genuine ‘PSIO Cartridges’ from any seller besides ‘Cybdyn Systems’ (and eventually ‘Stone Age Gamer’). Fake cartridges use extremely old firmware which means your games will not work on them and they lack the build quality and customer support. They may have also been tampered with which means that they will not boot on your PlayStation console. Firmware updates are also not supported so you are stuck with a hardware and software design that is over 5 years old.

PSIO is protected by copyright as well as patient trademark law. If you find someone who is manufacturing or distributing PSIO Cartridges, please notify us and we will pass the information along to the Australian Federal Police for Intellectual Property crime and fraud investigation.

Hardware clones hurt consumers as well as developers. If genuine cartridges are not purchased though us (Cybdyn Systems) who designed and developed PSIO, our business will cease to operate and we will forced to terminate PSIO’s development.

Thank you.