• 20/MAR/2017 – A new Menu System (V1.8.209) is available. New fixes consist of addressing a rare bug in which some PlayStation’s would always boot to a blank screen after the license screen due to a previously bad video mode selection. Resetting of the cartridge was impossible, and so, this rendered the cartridge unusable. More information found here.


  • 01/MAR/2017 – We are currently updating our SSL certificate on this website, so errors where SLL (HTTPS) is required will show a certificate warning. In the meantime, it’s perfectly safe to ignore the warning and continue.


  • 24/FEB/2017 – New firmwares for the ARM (V2.3.25) and Menu System (V1.7.10) have been released. More information available here.


  • 18/JAN/2017 – An update to the ‘Systems Console’ as been released. This is a major revision change as the program now includes full USB support.


  • 30/DEC/2016 – Due to the holiday season, the October shipments are still being assembled. We expect them to now be shipped in January. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • 18/DEC/2016 – New Systems Console (V1.8) now available. Older Systems Console programs will automatically notify you that there is an update.


  • 13/DEC/2016 – New firmware for the FPGA (DBF9 11/12/2016), ARM (V2.3.23) and Menu System (V1.5.75). There is also a new ‘Systems Manual’ available which contains new information on how to define separate directory CDDA/XA Mode settings. More information available here.


  • 30/OCT/2016 – A new Menu System (V1.4.22) has been released, which addresses some problems that the recently previous version just released had.


  • 29/OCT/2016 – New firmwares have been released. The ARM, FPGA and Menu System have all been updated.
  • All July orders have been shipped, and Tracking Numbers have been issued.
  • The October PSIO orders are in assembly, and will be ready for shipment mid-December (just in time for Christmas).


  • 09/OCT/2016 – A new version of “Fastboot” (V1.8) is available. This version fixes a bug where the system would randomly crash certain PSX titles.
  • A new version of the “PSIO Systems Console” (V1.7B) is available. This version fixed a bug where long file names would not convert at all.
  • PSIO cartridges will be re-available October 25th at 1 AM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).


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