• 20/OCTOBER/2017 – The parallel port injection moulding cast has been completed, and the first test samples will be completed on the 25th of October. Pictures as well as more detailed information here.


  • 27/SEPTEMBER/2017 – The case injection moulding samples have arrived! A few tweaks are required (nothing major), but apart from that, it’s perfect and ready to go. We are just now waiting on the parallel ports since it’s the final step holding us back at the moment. We are working hard and the first wave of pre-orders from June will be shipped soon. We would like to thank you so much for your patience. It is immensely appreciated. Pictures as well as more detailed information here.


  • 19/SEPTEMBER/2017 – A second run of email notifications has been rolled out for more pre-ordering. This is to help us acquire funding to proceed with the PSIO ‘Parallel Port’ manufacturing. If you did not receive an email yet, do not worry. We will send more emails to the customers waiting on our email list once we are ready to do so.


  • 13/SEPTEMBER/2017 – Systems Console updated to V2.2. More information here.
  • The injection moulding cast for the PSIO case has been completed, and we assume to receive the samples for testing in a week or two. Images here.


  • 26/AUGUST/2017 – Injection Moulding DFM approved and completed. Everything for the pre-orders is going according to schedule. More updates along the way!


  • 14/AUGUST/2017 – New Systems Manual (R2.8) released. More information available here.


  • 06/AUGUST/2017 – New ARM (V2.4.8) and Menu System (V2.4.15) Firmwares available. More information available here.


  • 04/AUGUST/2017 – Injection Moulding DFM started on PSIO. Switch Board Kits are now back in stock, and their ‘Serial Numbers’ have been phased out.


  • 16/JULY/2017 – New ARM (V2.4.7) and Menu System (V2.3.2) Firmwares available. More information available here.


  • 14/JULY/2017 – New ARM (V2.4.6), Menu System (V2.3.1) and FPGA Firmwares available. More information available here.


  • 16/JUNE/2017 – We have begun rolling out pre-orders, but only to the selected few users that have been waiting longest in our subscription list. Don’t worry if you miss out however, this is just a first time production run, and we will have plenty of cartridges available afterwards once we have finalised everything from our first pre-order run.


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