Genuine Products

Non-genuine PSIO Cartridge or ‘hardware clones’ hurt consumers as well as developers. If genuine cartridges are not purchased though ‘Cybdyn Systems’ who designed and developed PSIO, our business will cease to operate and we will forced to terminate PSIO’s development.

Genuine Cybdyn Systems manufactured PSIO’s are currently only available for sale by:

  • Cybdyn Systems (Creator, Designer & Manufacturer) on the website,
  • Stone Age Gamer (Genuine Wholesaler on behalf of Cybdyn Systems) on the website,
  • Retro Modding (Genuine Wholesaler on behalf of Cybdyn Systems) on the website, and
  • Powr Up Gaming (Genuine Wholesaler on behalf of Cybdyn Systems) on the website.
Do not purchase PSIO Cartridges anywhere apart from the websites listed in green above.

Any other sale channels such as private websites, Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao (淘宝网), eBay, Amazon, etcetera however will be fake clones. Purchasing cartridges from unauthorised websites causes damage to our company meaning that future development of PSIO will be stopped. If you have ordered from one of the websites marked in red above, cancel your order immediately and get a refund. If they refuse to issue you a refund, contact your bank immediately and issue the seller with a chargeback. The funds will then be issued back to your account by your bank and the seller will be flagged for investigation and later on, shutdown. Non-genuine cartridges are not updateable, are poorly manufactured and cost more then our genuine version. It is not worth buying them at all.

If you’ve purchased a second hand PSIO Cartridge from us and need firmware updates but can not access the downloads due to the required information missing to do so, you will need to contact the seller of whom you got the PSIO Cartridge from and ask for their Email Address and Order ID. Once you have those, you can download the latest and greatest firmware updates for your cartridge. If you do not have those however, you will then need to try and get their Full Name and Address so we can look up their information in our database and confirm that the PSIO Cartridge that you bought is in fact genuine. Once you have this information, you can then email us and we will assist you from there. If all else fails, you can purchase a new license from us (please contact us to purchase a new license).

Note that genuine cartridges will always be in our database where can look them up at any time, so DO NOT EVER share your credentials with anyone. We can refuse the right to offer you access to downloads should we be believe that your account information has been compromised and/or shared. You will then be locked out permanently without warning.

With the above information said, always follow information from the official PSIO and Cybdyn Systems ( websites. Do not ever listen to other websites claiming to be of authority on our behalf of the company and/or products. Fake cartridges use extremely old firmware which means your games will not work on them and they lack the build quality and customer support that we have to offer. They cannot be updated which means that they will not boot patched and later fixed games by us on your PlayStation console as well as new features which we are constantly adding to PSIO to improve its experience.

PSIO is protected by copyright as well as patent trademark law. If you find someone who is manufacturing or distributing PSIO Cartridges, please notify us and we will pass the information along to the Australian Federal Police for Intellectual Property Crime and Fraud Investigation. Legal action will also be taken by the courts of New South Wales.

Thank you,
– Cybdyn Systems.