Help and Support

My PSIO Cartridge isn’t working!

  • If your PSIO Cartridge refuses to boot, the first problem is because the Switch Board has been installed incorrectly or poorly. We offer a service which is that you may send in your board to have the Switch Board professionally installed by us, and we highly recommend that if you are not competent with a soldering iron that you let us do it for you.
  • The second problem is usually because the Parallel Port in your PlayStation is corroded or dirty. After all, these ports never or rarely got used, so for them to make a good connection with PSIO requires them to be in good condition. To achieve a good connection, one method is to unplug and re-plug PSIO several times (please read the Systems Manual on how to correctly remove PSIO) which helps strike the pins on both your console and PSIO to help establish a good connection.


My software freezes!

  • If your software freezes, be sure to try different XA/CDDA patches in the Menu Systems Options screen, and also remember to check whether your game uses LibCrypt and or EDC. You may check that by using
  • If you software does use LibCrypt, it must be patched using “PPF O MATIC” patches which may be found here.


What PlayStation models are compatible with PSIO?
The models listed below are compatible with PSIO. Anything else will not work since they do not have a parallel port. Note that debugging units (IE: DTL-XXXX) will work too so long as they have a parallel port.


  • SCPH-1000,
  • SCPH-1001,
  • SCPH-1002,
  • SCPH-3000,
  • SCPH-3500,
  • SCPH-5000,
  • SCPH-5001,
  • SCPH-5500,
  • SCPH-5501,
  • SCPH-5502,
  • SCPH-5503,
  • SCPH-5552,
  • SCPH-5903,
  • SCPH-7000,
  • SCPH-7001,
  • SCPH-7002,
  • SCPH-7003,
  • SCPH-7500,
  • SCPH-7501,
  • SCPH-7502,
  • SCPH-7503.


Is there anything I should know before ordering a PSIO cartridge?

  • Be sure to read our FAQ. It contains many important and common questions that have been answered already.
  • You must have a PlayStation 1 with a “Parallel Port I/O” connector.
  • A Switch Board must be soldered correctly to your PSX mainboard in order for PSIO to work correctly.
  • Your PSX must have a good quality Parallel Port with no corrosion.
  • Detailed instructions on how to solder the Switch Board to the mainboard may be found here.
  • Failure to install the Switch Board correctly will render your PSIO cartridge useless, and possible bus contention whilst attempting to run PSIO without a Switch Board can cause damage to your PSX system.


What should I do when I receive my cartridge?

  • Before plugging in your PSIO cartridge, you must have the Switch Board installed as mentioned in the included “Quick Start Guide”.
  • Once that is done, you may copy software to your SD card. EG: [SD:\Folder\Game.iso]
  • Next, copy the MENU.SYS file to the root of the SD Card.
  • Lastly, power on your PSX.
  • For detailed instructions with a full comprehensive list of explanations, please see the “Quick Start Guide”, and also the “Systems Manual” PDF in the Downloads section here.


Got another question?

  • Feel free to contact us directly at any time with any issues or concerns.