• 30/MARCH/2020 – The state of ‘New South Wales’ in ‘Australia’ is officially in lockdown due to ‘COVID-19’ until further notice. We are still waiting for parts to arrive to begin assembly. More updates along the way.


  • 26/MARCH/2020 – The ‘PU-22 Switch Board Installation Guide’ has been updated to R1.3 (it address a typo on page 11 in R1.2 which references the incorrect wire to cut on page 12).


  • 17/MARCH/2020 – DHL has issued us with a shipment delay warning due to ‘COVID-19’ hitting Australia as well as other parts of the world. When we begin shipments again, updates regarding the delay will be issued as the global ‘COVID-19’ issue progresses.


  • 09/MARCH/2020 – Menu System V2.6.12 (which includes ARM V2.6.8) has been released. More information here.


  • 16/FEBRUARY/2020 – Menu System V2.6.11 (which includes ARM V2.6.7) has been released. More information here.


  • 13/FEBRUARY/2020 – Due to the ‘Corona Virus’ (COVID-19) in China, there are delays in acquiring parts. Any PSIO Cartridges ordered from today will currently be on backorder for a few weeks due to this. We appreciate your patience.


  • 09/FEBRUARY/2020 – The Systems Console has been updated to V2.8. List of changes here.


  • 24/JANUARY/2020 – We are looking for a Sony DTL-H2700 (development cards with the logic analyser). If you or anyone you know of has one, we would be interested in talking with you about it here.


  • 26/DECEMBER/2019 – All shipments have been delayed due to the holidays and will resume on the 28th of December. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • 09/DECEMBER/2019 – The Systems Console has been updated to V2.7. List of changes here.
  • 09/DECEMBER/2019 – The Systems Console has been updated to V2.6. List of changes here.
  • 07/DECEMBER/2019 – The Systems Console has been updated to V2.5. List of changes here.
  • 24/NOVEMBER/2019 – Menu System updated to V2.6.10 which includes the ARM V2.6.6 update. List of changes here.


  • 22/OCTOBER/2019 – We are currently working on a new firmware update which will fix a majority of problems users are experiencing at the moment with certain titles. There is no release date planned for it yet, but we will keep you informed.


  • 09/OCTOBER/2019 – After 4 years of doing pre-orders for PSIO Cartridges, all orders placed from now on are finally in stock and ready to ship! A massive thanks to everyone who was patient and waited for their PSIO Cartridges to arrive when they ordered from us. Without your patience and orders for PSIO, we (the developers of PSIO here at Cybdyn Systems) wouldn’t have made it this far. Thank you.


  • 17/SEPTEMBER/2019 – Menu System updated to V2.6.9 which includes the ARM V2.6.5 update. List of changes here.

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