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  • 23/JUN/2016 – During the month of July, we will be sending out a mass email to all the PSIO subscribers who signed up with their email address, notifying them that PSIO is re-available. To subscribe, go to the ‘Store’, and then click ‘PSIO Cartridge’. You’ll then be able to enter your email address below. As a note, the pre-ordering scheme will be completely removed. These will not be for pre-orders, since we have units pre-assembled and ready to ship making the lead time considerably shorter.
  • PSIO assembly is still underway, and we will be shipping the cartridges for the March pre-orders by the end of June and early July as planned. Your order will be marked as “Processing for Shipment” when it is ready to be sent off, so please be patient whilst we continue assembling them. Thank you.


  • 31/MAY/2016 – The ‘Compatibility’ page has been updated with games that have problems which were reported by users. They may or may not be correct since they have not been officially tested by us.


  • 18/MAY/2016 – Assembly has begun on PSIO cartridges for the March pre-orders. We expect to start shipping them by the end of June and early July.


  • 17/MAY/2016 – Email subscription notifications are now available for ‘PSIO Cartridges’ in the Store!


  • 08/MAY/2016 – The ‘PU-7’ Switch Board installation guide is now available from the ‘Downloads’ page.


  • 02/MAY/2016 – If your PSIO cartridge is not showing any folders and is giving [Error 80000005], it is because there is a possible bug in the SD Cards FAT32 routines in relation to Windows 10’s new ‘System Formatter’ routines. We will be looking into this when possible. In the meantime, please use Windows XP, 7 or Linux to format the SD Card as FAT32 and to copy the software images (more information here).


  • 13/APR/2016 – The March pre-orders are closed now and we are getting ready for assembly. We are currently waiting on the PCB’s to arrive, as well as other discrete parts, such as boxes and plastic cases for the PSIO Cartridges. More news as we progress.


  • 27/MAR/2016 – All March 1st customers who pre-ordered have been emailed re-order information. If you did not receive the email, please contact us via Facebook or YouTube as there may be a problem with emailing you. Assembly of the PSIO cartridges will commence mid-April. A new Menu System version (V1.2.3) has been released. The fixes are commented within the archive itself in ‘README.TXT’.


  • 02/MAR/2016 – It has come to our attention that eWay (our payment processor) has issued a full refund to all the March 1st orders. An email will be sent shortly to all that were affected. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please follow this page for the latest news updates regarding this issue.


  • 01/MAR/2016 – Pre-ordering is now closed. If you pre-ordered, please keep a close eye on this news feed as it will contain information as we progress in assembling the cartridges. If you did not pre-order and you missed out, we will add new information when more PSIO cartridges will be available in the upcoming days.


  • 28/FEB/2016 – HTTPS (SSL) encryption has been added to the store checkout page for added security during the checkout process.


  • 27/FEB/2016 – New Menu System available! Version 1.1.167 fixes a problem with the “MULTIDISC.LST” file not being detected correctly.


  • 26/FEB/2016 – New FBOOT firmware available! Version 1.2 features an alignment issue fix to do with PAL mode and the PSIO logo.


  • 25/FEB/2016 – New firmwares are available! This includes new ARM, Menu System and FBOOT firmwares. A new Systems Manual (R2.0) is also available for information on how to use Multi-Disc titles. We also have approximately 25 cartridges left to assemble which are part of the past November orders. The next wave of pre-ordering is coming up and will be available to do so on the 1st of March, 00:00 (12 AM), Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time (please see here).


  • 01/FEB/2016 – We have sold out of PSIO cartridges, and will be selling more on March 1st 2016. In the meantime, the beforehand pre-ordered cartridges are still being packaged and are getting ready for shipment.


  • 21/JAN/2016 – All user accounts have been added and updated. We have also started shipping PSIO units and Switch Boards, as well as issued the Mainboard Modifications back. You will be notified by email when your items have been shipped.


  • 15/JAN/2016 – Next Wednesday (the 20th of January) we plan to start shipping PSIO cartridges based off of the November 25th and 27th pre-orders. In the meantime, customer accounts are still being added to the database, but they should all be processed and finished by this weekend.


  • 12/JAN/2016 – We are still assembling the pre-order cartridges, but we are almost finished. One major drawback was that the PCB assemblers gave us the incorrect 2.5V voltage regulators, so they will have to be manually replaced and soldered. In the meantime, some customer accounts have been setup, but not all of the information is correct in them as there are a lot to process still.


  • 31/DEC/2015 – The PSIO boards have completed assembly, and are now on their way to us where they will be further assembled and then sent to the customers that pre-ordered.

PSIO - Assembled PCB's


  • 29/DEC/2015 – The Switch Boards have completed assembly, and are now on their way to us where they will then be sent to the people who ordered them along with their wire and label.

Switch Board - PCB Sheet



  • 25/DEC/2015 – Merry Christmas! We plan to have all pre-orders shipped by early-mid January 2016. Tracking numbers will be available via the “My Account” page once we have sent them. More news along the way.


  • 19/DEC/2015 – Currently the “My Account” feature is unavailable as we are populating the database with the old purchase data.


  • 18/DEC/2015 – All Switch Boards are being built. They too should arrive from the factory on the 31st of December 2015.


  • 14/DEC/2015 – All Pre-Orders are being built. Currently, we are waiting on the PCB’s to arrive from the factory (ETA: 31/DEC/2015).


  • 13/DEC/2015 – New Website! Features a new responsive layout.


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