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If a particular game title isn’t working or you wish to report a bug in the Menu System, our documentation or website, please continue by filling the questions below. You are free to include URL’s to images or videos expressing the detail of the exact problem. If you have a suggestion, complaint, or general feedback, please contact us instead on the Service Desk.

We repeat. Any questions asked here in regards to orders, shipping issues or cartridge/switch board issues will be ignored and deleted. Please use the ‘Service Desk’ for those issues instead by clicking on the ‘Contact’ button or use the ‘Forums’.

If your game is freezing, be sure to try different XA/CDDA patches in the Menu Systems Options screen (especially with ‘Psygnosis’ based games), and also remember to check whether your game uses LibCrypt by using If you software does use LibCrypt, it must be patched using “PPF O MATIC” patches which may be found here. You can then patch your image in our ‘Systems Console’ program (see the Downloads section).


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