Server Status

This page runs a check on our server Internet connection. If the modem that the server is connected to can be reached, you will see a ‘Responded’ string in green for that row. Otherwise if the server cannot be reached (power outage, Australian NBN service has failed, etc), you will issue a ‘Timeout’ string in red. The latency is an internal test between our servers and it is not a ping test to/from the network you are using now to view this page.

Note that we use CloudFlare as our DNS with Load Balancing (which is A record Failover protection and not Round Robin) so the service should re-direct you if it is down to a working server to issue you a warning that the primary server you are trying to reach is down or maintenance is being performed. Seeming like we have disappeared from the Internet isn’t what we want our customers to endure and this technique eliminates that issue.

Cybdyn Systems JIRARespondedN/A
Cybdyn Systems Service DeskRespondedN/A
Cybdyn Systems ForumsRespondedN/A
PSIO Firmware DownloadsRespondedN/A
PSIO WebsiteRespondedLatency 0ms