Switch Board Installation

Mainboard Modification Service

AUD $19.95

We have stopped accepting mainboards for the time being. We will start accepting them in a few weeks time.

This item is for a service that enables you to send us your PSX mainboard to have a Switch Board professionally installed for making PSIO work with your system.

The Switch Board itself is installed for free as part of the installation service, but feel free to send in your existing Switch Board (it's a good way to recycle them if you don't have a need for the one that comes with your PSIO Cartridge).

Each quantity you add is for one (1) mainboard that you will send to us. Note that exceeding the postage weight amount will automatically increment on checkout according to your quantities weight.

Once payment is completed, you can go to the “My Account” option from the menu bar (Support -> My Account) to see our postage address to send your mainboard to.

Please include in your mainboard package some sort of ID (order number, email, full name, etc) so we may easily find you in our database and keep you up to date on your Switch Board installation progress.

Be sure that you only send your mainboard (the green circuit board, seen here) and not the entire PSX system. If you send us a complete console, we will not work on it (please read our Terms and Conditions for more information).

It doesn't matter if your mainboard has a modchip that was previously installed by another technician, or if an RF shield is in-place nor missing.

Do not send us “PSone” mainboards (IE: models SCPH-100, 101, 102 or 103) as these are obviously not supported by PSIO.

If you instead want to try modifying your mainboard yourself, the installation documents for the Switch Board may be found here.

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Product Description

What’s Included in the Installation Service?

  • A Switch Board is professionally soldered and installed on your mainboard.
  • Testing of the CD-ROM functionality and PSIO (Parallel Port) functionality is carried out.
  • A ‘Serial Number Label’ is included for you to attach to the bottom of your PlayStation.
  • Your board is returned in an Anti-Static bag contained within a new shipping box.

Shipping Information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 185 x 215 x 40 mm

Additional Information

  • Do not send us “PSone” mainboards since PSIO doesn’t work with them.
  • A “QC” label is fixed to the underside of your mainboard upon successful testing of the CD-ROM and Parallel Port functionality (we will email you if we find any problems during the testing stage however).
  • We solder green Kynar wire for the Switch Board installation (not red as seen in the example photo).