Primary Features:

  • Loads disc images from an SD Memory Card.
  • Supports SD Cards ranging anywhere in between from 8 GB (SDHC) to 512+ GB (SDXC).
  • Supports hot swapping of SD Cards within the Menu System.
  • Easily select software using a clean, simple and functional Menu System design (more information below).
  • Software images load instantly with no ‘Copy to Memory’ routines unlike other Flashcarts.
  • Compatible with 99.5% of all software titles (as of 01/JULY/2022 | more information listed here).
  • All firmwares are locally upgradeable. No special cables or dongles are required.
  • To select a new software image, simply hit ‘Reset’ on the console and re-select an image from the Menu System.
  • Supports ‘Multi-Disc’ titles.
  • Supports ‘CDDA’ and ‘XA’ audio channels.
  • Supports loading of disc images via USB (Windows only).
  • A Switch Board kit is included free with each cartridge purchase (wire and label also included).
  • Supports BIN, ISO and IMG files.
  • Supports automatic saved game data loading from the ‘MemCard Pro’ (TBD 2022).
  • Extremely powerful debugging abilities for developers (TBD 2022).
  • Supports real-time disassembly and debugging of PlayStation machine code (TBD 2022).
  • Future additional features can be added and problems detected can be fixed due to the endless update abilities of PSIO.

Menu System:

  • Smooth, easy to use Menu System with many useful shortcuts and options.
  • Clean simple layout combined with both 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Can display custom ‘Cover Art’ images for software titles.
  • Can display custom background wallpaper images.
  • Supports switching of video modes in real-time.
  • Real-time sound effects and background music.
  • Multiple colour selector bar options.
  • Built-in search function.
  • Allows either classic western or Japanese PlayStation button navigation.
  • Dynamic or automatic detection of the ‘HC05’ license type.
  • Displays advanced PlayStation information such as the BIOS type and checksum.
  • Enables Fastboot support (skipping of the Sony BIOS for quick boot times).
  • Allows booting of original discs from the CD-ROM drive.
  • Supports full custom centring of the screen position.
  • Dynamic pop-up animations.
  • Can take advantage of ‘DUAL-SHOCK’ controllers and vibrate whilst navigating.
  • Supports daisy-chained controllers via the ‘Multi-Tap’ adapter peripheral.
  • Supports ‘Lightgun’ (NAMCO GunCon/G-Con 45, Konami Justifier as well as third-party variant) peripherals.
  • Supports third-party’ Steering Wheels’ and the ‘NAMCO NeGcon’ peripherals.

Internal Overview:

  • Powered by an Atmel ARM Cortex-M3 MCU and ALTERA Cyclone III FPGA.
  • Professionally manufactured using high quality components.
  • Utilises a ‘push-in push-out’ (interlocking) style SD Card connector.
  • Utilises a custom designed high quality gold-plated PlayStation Parallel I/O connector.

PSIO Cartridge PCB


External Overview:

  • Custom designed ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic case.
  • Iconic PlayStation ‘Gun Metal Grey’ colour.
  • Injection moulded with a screwless and virtually seamless design.

It's meant to be...